Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simplify your life.

I came across an article this week in Metro Christian Living written by Cathy Haynie. I liked her ideas and thought I'd share 'em.  Just a few simple things to make life more simple.  

1.  Fill up the car when the tank is half full.
2.  Keep a magnet pad on the side of the fridge for you and your family to add items to the list as you run out.  
3.  Keep house plants to a minimum.
4.  Keep only one credit card in your wallet. 
5.  Have a place to drop keys, phone and bag close to the door. 
6.  Keep a travel toiletry bag packed.
7.  Sort mail over the trash.
8.  Double and freeze one meal a week.
9.  Sort laundry as you go by having a basket for lights and a a basket for darks near where each family member dresses.
10.  Pack lunches, work bag, and school bag the night before.
11.  Have a place for duplicate keys and stock it for emergencies.
12.  Adopt the house rule:  Don't just put it down, put it away.
13.  Make dinner decisions the night before.
14.  Severely limit children's activities, lessons, and sports.
15.  Make the bed every day as your feet hit the floor.
16.  Pay bills online, setting up auto pay and auto save.
17.  Maintain a well-stocked pantry.
18.  Keep grocery sacks in the car for trash and quick clean-outs.
19.  Have one place for mail.
20.  Teach little kids to set the table, middle school aged kids to do laundry, and teenagers to do yard work.
21.  Keep evenings free, or at least set a limit to nights out.
22.  Use a crock-pot often.
23.  Leave 10 minutes early. 
24.  Don't answer the phone during dinner.
25.  De-clutter by clearing off kitchen and bath counters, the front of the fridge, and the console of your car.
26.  Keep a supply of household items like toilet paper, light bulbs, and batteries.
27.  Always keep a little cash and change in your wallet.
28.  Plan 5 to 10 great menus on index cards; menu on one side and grocery list on the reverse.
29.  Use baskets wherever you tend to pile clutter.
30.  Buy each family member one jumbo package of their own kind of white sock and get rid of the rest.
Makes ya think.  I can't TELL you the times I have looked for a pair of MATCHING socks! :-)


Anonymous said...

I do pretty much all of those except the 'leave 10 minutes early' one. I need to work on that.

I love that everyone has their own kind of socks. I never match socks. Everyone just gets their own pile. :)

Ashley Houck said...

I am very impressed, keep it up! I really want to improve on 22 & 28.

Ashley :-)

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