Wednesday, July 27, 2011

movin' right along

last Sunday night we moved.  we moved into our quaint 1895 duplex. we love it it is starting to feel like home.  we are roughly 70% done with unpacking which feels amazing.  Tucker is slowly adjusting to his new "home."  We bought this little duplex in 2007, within the first two minutes of our first showing I feel in love with it. Each side is completely different (which later we found out via the abstract this property was two different houses they made into one in 1952. Interesting, huh?)  Although it is small, it has more than enough room for our family, which we are grateful for.  Last summer I read this book called the simple life and spoke of how in the 1950's the average household size was 4.5 kids with 950 square feet of living space.  Nowadays the average household is 2.3 kids and over 1,600 square feet.  So our families are getting smaller, but the houses are getting bigger?  I found that completely fascinating.  You can find Ryan's home office in the basement next to the washer & dryer. :-) 
As much as we've moved, we really despise it. We've moved 7 times in SEVEN years! We often joke if this item makes it to the next move we're tossing it, so I guess you can't call us pack rats! :-) The question we get asked most frequently these days is how long you plan on living here? And the answer? We honestly don't know, which is so unlike us, but we're loving that kind of freedom right now. We know we're not done buying property yet, so who knows! Thought I'd share some cool fun houck facts about our new place:
-two house put together into 1
-bought this place by someone overhearing us saying we wanted to buy a duplex. Is that God's ears or what?1
-its right across from cy-ride which makes this a hot ticket property when renting
-its ten minutes from anywhere in ames
-my hubby's office in the basement
-we have lots of wild bunnies around & Tucker loves them all
-we have lived in both sides of the property to make improvements to the separate units
-I feel in love with this place in the first two minutes

so, this is where we are now!


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