Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Operation Pacifier

Day 1 no pacifier a complete success! He cried for a couple of minutes at nap time, but he did great last night for bedtime. What we did with Tucker was when he turned 1 he only got his pacifier during nap time & bedtime. Then, when he turned 2 (just a week ago) we knew it was time. So, the past week or so we started talking about pacifiers are for babies, and that's all he needed to hear we guess! So far so good!

We are loving this stage he is in. He is starting to interact when we ask questions...which is always fun. This morning I asked him who he loved and he said, "babies, Cy (ISU's mascot) & football." I think that made his dad's day! :-)

Thats whats been happening in our little world lately! :-)


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