Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grandma’s 7 Things



Roughly a year ago my grandma huhn pulled me into her bedroom to tell me something's she wanted her grandchildren to know. 

(told in no particular order, just how I remembered them)


1.  It’s okay to eat some expired food, just smell it first before you eat it.

2.  Don’t spoil your children, but make sure they have everything they need.

3.  Always have frozen cookies in your freezer, you never know when you’ll have company.

4.  Darn your socks & sew on buttons that fall off before you buy new.

5. Find a hobby you can make some side money on.

6.  When you commit to something, always do/give your best.

7.  A man would prefer a home cooked meal over going out to eat. 


Autumn said...

now i know where you get your beauty... and your wisdom!

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