Friday, October 7, 2011

It's A...


...and that's about all we know or can guess at this point. I had another appointment yesterday & the heartbeat was right at 150. At this point in the pregnancy with Tucker we had a good indication it was a boy because of the lower heartbeat. (he was around 135ish.) We are leaning more towards a girl (at this point anyway) Either way, boy or girl it'll be loved! I am a week away from being in the 3rd trimester! YIKES!! IT HAS GONE SO STINKING FAST this time. I am definitely starting to get to the uncomfortable, slow-moving stage but am feeling great! According to this website I follow baby H will be here in roughly 97 days!
(Lord willing) Well, that's it for this baby update! As of today, we're thinking GIRL--but this is subject to change at ANY POINT :-)


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