Friday, November 4, 2011

Hook, Line & Sinker!

On the main floor of our home is either hardwood or ceramic tile...ALL OF IT. Did I mention it was WHITE ceramic tile? Never again will we put white in our kitchen... it shows every. little. thing! Maybe that's why we got the tile for only 0.08 cents a piece! Anyways, live & learn, right?! :-)

A few months ago I happened to run across an infomercial for the Haan Steam Mop. This thing looked amazing, I mean really! So as my floors got more & more annoying to keep clean & the swiffer pads refills were emptying our pocketbooks I decided to start doing some more research on this "miracle" mop. I read review after review, I quickly noticed I was becoming a spokeswoman for this product I had yet to try. I talked about it til Ryan knew everything there was to know, I made my sisters watch the infomercials with me & give me feedback. I think they were sick of me TALKING about it & just wanted me to BUY it! :-) So I did, except I didn't buy it from the companies website, I bought it off Amazon for a good twenty bucks off! (total $78.00 with free shipping) Well my friends, it arrived Wednesday & boy were we excited! Let me tell you what little losers we were Wednesday night was our date night & we went out to dinner then came back to clean our floors cause we were too excited not to! :-) We followed the instructions and WOW oh WOW! Did it work. Ryan & I were just so giddy in our purchase.


The best part?
Don't have to buy anymore refill swiffer pads/spray
no chemicals
drys instantly (I moped in my socks!)
can do any flooring, hardwood, pergo, ceramic til, name it!
If you'd like to see a demonstration...JUST ASK! :-)


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