Tuesday, May 18, 2010

lack of blogging.

I have been a horrible blogger lately.  I really miss my creative outlet--- but have some other pressing responsibilities to deal with first.  I hope to after June 1st things start to get back to a routine...any sort of routine would be a blessing right now! :-)   The reason for my absence....


We are roughly 90% DONE with our remodel...CANNOT wait to be done.  They always take more time then you'd like!

Garage Sale:
I am preparing for a garage sale this Saturday that I am doing with my family & Ryan's family.  Also, if any one of you want to put some items in, just let me know!

And we are roughly 90% moved!  It is so hard being in the "in-between" state when you dishes are packed, you accidentally packed the diapers and you can't find your hair dryer!


As my Boppa puts it we have been ":farming out" Tucker the last couple of weeks during the day so we can get all this done, and its Ryan's BUSY time so life is pretty crazy right now, but God is so good in blessing us in little ways the last couple of weeks.   I really can't wait til my only job is "tuckers mom" again! :-)  With any luck that'll be sometime next week!!

Okay, Later Tators.  I am on my way to Cedar Rapids area tonight to see my sisters music concert with her kiddos @ her elementry school.


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