Thursday, May 13, 2010

Midwest Appraisals 1st Birthday!

Our Appraisal company, Midwest Appraisals just celebrated its 1st birthday on May 1st! It was a good year (Praise the Lord)--- we learned alot about what it takes to own your own company. It definetly is a family company, even Tucker gets to help by going to take house comparable pictures with his momma regurarly! I surprised Ryan with a mini cake with a little "1" candle and a card for the day. We even scored a date night with Uncle Riley coming to babysit and went to a movie. Thanks uncle riley! :-)

Happy Birthday Midwest Appraisals!

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Angie said...

SO cute!!! Happy One year Anniversary!! My husband and I were in Title insurance for many years! I know all about the biz ;)

Amy J said...

Hi Ashely! I nominated you for a little award on my blog... you have such a fun blog, I thought more people should be able to enjoy it!

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