Monday, December 13, 2010

2 BIG wooley boogers to go!

"Wooley Booger"

that was an expression used often in my childhood by my dad.

growing up on a hog farm it usually meant....

difficult, or a big challenge coming up (usually from something breaking down)

when he used that term I cringed inside. 

I dreaded it.  

since we are working HARD to become debt free, we named our student loans affectionately, Wooley Boogers.

When we started our "debt free" endeavor last August we started with 10 different wooley boogers. 

or, 10 small loans.

we have been working from the smallest loans to the biggest loans...adding momemtum every step of the way.

we have been working HARD...

...sacrificing alot.

...and as of last thursday

we are down to 2 wooley bugers left!!!!

We are excited. 

We are thrilled. 

...but  these are the biggest two left

... the ugliest wooley buggers we have to  face.


Anonymous said...

Ryan & Ashley,

Although I have not met you, I have been following your blog for two months now. I found you from Busy Budgeting Momma. So encouraged by your perseverance! As of three weeks ago my husband and I started a Dave Ramsey course. Can't wait to scream we're debt free. Keep it up girl! It'll be here before you know it. Keep it up!


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