Thursday, December 30, 2010

{musical family}

i come from a musical family.

Like real musical. 

my grandma was a piano teacher
my dad had an Christian Album back in the 80's & has sung w/ Simon Estes
my aunt is a professional pianest
my sister is a music teacher...
my other sister sings all the time-- no mater who is around.

...they all love to perform
 and I get that. 
 I love that. 
I really appreicate that.

I must of missed the family meeting about loving to sing in public.
i rarely do it.
i get sweaty hands,
want to faint,
& all over curse myself out when I agree to it.

A few weeks ago I fell under a weak moment & agreed to sing @ my grandparents church Christmas Eve. 

When I agreed to this I completely forgot...

...that there are usually 550+ people that attend that service
...that i want to toss my cookies
...that my entire extended Rhoads side family would be there
...that my hands become really,  really sweaty
...but after its all said and done I'm glad I did it, and don't have the desire to do it for another 5+ years.

here is the video.  quality is not that good becuase the lights were out due to the spotlight on Mary.  
We sang Breath of Heaven (I started it out, then Carly then Haley with some duets & trios in the mixI start)
I started out super shakey, but got more confident as the song went on :-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :D

The Hibbings said...

Um....why haven't I heard you sing before? You're amazing, Ashley! Hmmm....that God-given gift needs to be on the Stonebrook stage!

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