Thursday, December 30, 2010

homemade christmas presents

this year for Christmas we decided to make homemade gifts to exhance with Ryan's sister & her husband.

we had no idea what to expect.
we had no idea what to make.
we must of changed our minds 20 different times.

it was so much fun!

we are already a gazillion steps ahead of ourselves for next year.
we already know what we're going to make!
{which is half the battle!!}

this is what we made them. this past summer they bought their first house! 
so we opted for this painted black wooden sign where they could change out the sign to whatever they please!
Click here to see how this was made.

look what they made me/us!
{i am LOVING this!!}
a gift wrapping station
how cool is that?!

click here to see how this was made.
Already can't wait for next year!


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