Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2/3 up the mountain!

 For those of you who know what we are doing. 

You know, the living extreme, Beans & Rice diet, dave ramsey believers, living with your grandparents couple, , menu planning, coupon cutting, craigslist sellin’, debt kickin’ fools! Here is our latest progress.  Go God, ‘cause its ALL because of Him!



Angela Shimada said...

Hey girl! I'm TRULY amazed that you've paid off $35,000 in debt! WOW. You rock!

monica said...

you guys are my heroes!! seriously.

chris and i really admire both of you!


The Bunge's said...

SOOOOOOO proud of you guys (and the thermometer I made you ;)

Autumn said...

that's amazing--and encouraging!

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