Monday, January 17, 2011

remodeling on a buget:

Remodeling on a budget.  There is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one!  Got a remodeling project coming up?  Here are a couple of tips to save you some money along the way.

 Home Improvement Coupons: Buy a few 10% Lowes off coupons on ebay found here.  Even if you do not have a lowes store around your area Home Depot & Menards will honor your coupon.  Say you spend 4,000 you can save up to $400.00!  Pretty awesome!

Ads Every week during our remodel I would look at all the home improvement ads. From our experience the stores will gladly match competitors ads.   Since there was a lowes 1 mile from our house --I would MUCH rather buy from there instead of driving 30+ mins. to a competitors store.  For instance the Menards ad for that week had a new maytag dishwasher for sale for 248.00, Lowes price for the same name brand dishwasher was 305.00 ...they matched it no problem.  It wasn't even the same model either, but the same brand.  We did the same thing on interior doors as well.  Menards had them listed for less $8.00 a door.  We needed to buy 4 so this savings added up.  They matched those as well.  Just by taking in a local competitors ad we saved 89.00 just by checking out the ads which takes less than 5 mins!

 Planning ahead: gift cards off ebay:  And since you are doing a remodel and knowing you'll be spending some $$ at your local hardware store (ours happens to be lowes)  you can buy a gift card off ebay again here.  For instance say someone is selling a 500.00 gift card you can sometimes get them a little bit discounted.  For instance I was able to get a 500.00 lowes gift card for 476.00  a savings of 24, but if you use ebates or some other cash incentive program you could save even more! I usually go through ebates which gives you 3% back on your purchases through ebay.  saving another $14.00!  So that 500 dollar gift card only cost me $462!  Pretty cool, huh? 

1+ 2 + 3= A whole lotta savings.

Hope this helped!  I plan to post pictures on soon of our remodel last spring!


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