Monday, February 14, 2011 review

some dear friends of ours had a baby last Friday.
...a beautiful, healthy little boy!
I volunteered to coordinate meals for them.
A while back a friend of mine, Autumn told me about this website
she said how it made coordinating meals SO MUCH easier..

{for example} says what time the family likes to eat
....if they have any allergies many people they need to feed
...the address

....AND THEN...
you sign up & write what you'll bring the family hopefully eliminating muliple meals such as tacos three nights in a row because you will see the meals others are planning on making!  
to see what I mean: go to
last name: hibbing
password: colton

pretty cool, huh?
thanks Autumn!


Autumn said...

i really hope this worked with the hibbings and thiels!

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