Thursday, February 24, 2011

two week notice

tonight I put in my two week notice in.

a little bittersweet...
I have been a server overall for 10 years!  
 that is alot of saucy southerners served  :-)

i thought i'd tell you some fun facts about HP due to my farewell post:
the owner lives next door in the brown house
we sing the happy birthday song 300+ times a week
we serve 17,000 people a week
we sell over 23,000 POUNDS of meat a week
a good server can make $25/hour
we go through 750 gallons of ice cream a WEEK!
the little indian statue at the front of the resturant freaks out alot of young kids
some customers really don't know which is bigger, the 1/4 burger or the 1/2 pound. 
we have three sets of napkins: teal, pink & burgundy-- these colors mean everything & most servers have a set color they like being.   
 my husband loves the chicken tortilla soup and asks for it alot :-)
the resturant can hold 450 guests 
during a shift it usually takes 60-70 people to run everything.
... i am really going to miss the chaos that working in a fast past restaurant give,s but I am
 just so DARN excited to spend 25+ hours a week with these two studs!  
Farewell HP!


Anonymous said...

Hysterical. :) My grandparents were good friends with David and Karen back in the day--both Grandma and Karen collected Coca-Cola products. :) We used to eat at HP all.the.time.

I want more details on what the colored napkins mean tho. ROTFL!

Rachel said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! So excited for what this means for you three!

Autumn said...

THAT explains why our napkins were ripped off our table and replaced with a different color yesterday! It was so weird!

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