Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentines Inspiration

Ryan & I both had ( and still have!) some pretty yucky colds over the weekend.
...we were in Chicago  visiting Ryan's sister & brother-in-law.
we were drinking cold medicine & using cough drops like they were going out of style.
kleenex tissues were at a premium. 
 We even started jokingingly yelling at one another that the other person wasn't using up the kleenex as much as they should of. 
yes, we were talking about using up all the real estate on that tissue before you grabbed for another one!
ohhh, the joys of being sick!
at least we could laugh at our misery, right?

Moving on...

Valentines Day Favorites I've been seeing around the web.

Sparkly Valentine Banner @ Lemon Tree Creations

or this 3D valentine.  Would be totally cute, however to get my little one to sit still for 3 straight seconds is darn near impossible. but I loved this idea!

or...i wheelie like you:

and, because I can't hold a secret from my hubby to save myself i am doing this one for him:
(the guy LOVES new socks, so this is cute & cheesy) perfect for valentines day!
We make a great pair:

stay warm & safe today!


monica said...

you always find the cutest things! hope you guys are feeling better soon. colds are no fun!


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