Thursday, September 8, 2011


...trying to do better with blog posting again!

super excited for this weekend:
...have our ultrasound tomorrow morning for "baby h" pray that everything is developing/looking normal. {this is when we fell in love with Tucker, can't wait to see this little bean movin' & a shakin'!} We also have officially decided on our girl/boy names --including middle names-- so we can share our top reject names: Top reject boy name: Trice Top reject girl name: Shelby {we were going to call her Sherbert for a nickname}
...have family pictures tomorrow afternoon by the very talented Jennifer B!
...have a small breakfast brunch for our TWO YEAR OLD Saturday morning. (Cannot believe how fast the time is going!_
...going to the ISU Vs. Iowa game & have a parking pass! (Thanks to my Aunt Vickie!)
...going to perfect games after the game to play/eat pizza with the birthday boy. His FAVORITE thing to do is "shoot" he likes to help us shoot the basketball & football in the games they have there.
...teaching Sunday School for the 2nd time!
...heading to the Clay County Fair right after church on Sunday (staying til Monday) first time camping with our little boy!

yep, that's a whole lotta fun stuff happening this weekend!
Hope you have a great weekend as well!
Go Cyclones!


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