Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the busiest month to date

The busiest month to date for our little appraisal business was the month Tucker was born. I started labor with Tucker @ 10 pm & labored 2 hours @ home before we headed to the hospital. I have a vivid memory of Ryan working in between contractions & me calling him on my cell phone every time I had a contraction to be there to hold my hand. (his office was in the basement at the time) I remember putting in LOTS of hours with Tucker those first few months as he worked tirelessly (without complaining) sometimes putting in 17 hour days. {not unusual for that time of year} I am very proud of the fact ryan has NEVER gotten up with Tucker to do a feeding in the middle of the night, even when I was only getting 1-2 hours of sleep a day because little T-man was a "difficult sleeper" the first 10 weeks! :-) So, fast forward a few years with THIS pregnancy. I was super excited to have a WINTER baby (usually a slow time in the appraisal business) well, that all went out the door yesterday. While I am so stinkin' excited for Ryan ( & our business) he just got 17 appraisal orders yesterday, all due Jan 23rd. Not to mention it's already a busy time of year with Christmas, New Years & throw newborn in the mix! But, I am thankful I know I can make it through it, & hopefully be able to laugh about it again in a few years! Lord, thank you so much for ALL your blessings, no matter what the timing may be!


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