Friday, December 23, 2011

A few of my favorite things {2011}

With the end of 2011 coming up, I thought I'd show you the products I am loving right now...

Yep, the Hann steam mop. LOVING this still. I makes doing the floors SO STINKING easy & actually fun! (who knew!) My sister {Carly} was over the other night & now has it on her wishlist as well. Comes in mighty handy with a toddler!

Body Pillow: A pregnant girls best friend! I love it & could not sleep as well as I've been sleeping without it.

Diet Mountain Dew {caffeine free} for a girl who loves her dt. dew, this caffeine free stuff has been so nice as a good sub until I get the real stuff again.

Bubble Baths: take at least 2-3/week the last few months to help ease my lower back pain I've been having associated with the pregnancy. There is something about it, so stinking relaxing!

And lastly, RYAN. He has been the BIGGEST help around the house the last few months when I haven't been feeling the best from helping to put my socks on or taking an extra poppy diaper (or 5) for the team. I married one awesome guy!


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