Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quick Baby Update

Went in Friday morning for a non-stress test, 24 urine analysis & ultrasound & blood pressure check. We thankfully found the bed rest is helping (as my blood pressure went WAY down--even back to normal ranges!) I am really starting to go CRAZY with bed rest, but know it's the best for the baby & me. Its hard watching our little tornado tear apart the living room & helpless against the clean up! :-) Thanks for all your prayers! I go back in Tuesday morning for another round of the same sort of tests, so time will tell. Again, they'd like to keep this little peanut in until Thursday Jan 5th, so time will tell! I'm getting a little anxious to go through birth again, but know the end result will be well worth it. I love visitors so please feel free to stop by!


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