Wednesday, January 4, 2012

etsy love

Since i've had alot of time on my hands lately I thought I'd show you some fun stuff I either got for Christmas or bought myself with Christmas money. :-) It's what I got to call my current loves of the moment.

My little sister HALEY surprised me when herself & another friend MADE me my shower curtain I drooled over a few months back. They were selling on etsy for around 140.00 & she REMEMBERED that & took on this little domestic project! I LOVE IT!! I'm waiting to paint the bathroom before I put it up, I'm thrilled with how it turned out!!

Here is a picture of it mid process:

Here is the finished project in her friends Kendra's bathroom to show what it looks like. Didn't they do a good job? Thanks ladies!!

p.s. Kenra's blog is
my sister haley's blog:

2nd: My OTHER sister Carly remembered how I adored this address stamp & got it for me for Christmas. LOVE IT! Can't wait to have an reason to use it soon!

P.S. the seller on etsy:

3rd: a new keychain holder so I can find it in my purse/diaper bag easier!

4th: This cute basket I got on clearance from an etsy store. I am hoping to go all vintage Christmas ornaments next year, like this...

I've seen 'em at garage sales for like .50Cents before so I'm hoping I'll get lucky this year & score enough to decorate our tree! So when I saw this basket, I HAD to get it :-)\

4th: I am excited to write some thank you notes on these bad boys...

{for the record, I'm really seeing how she made them to copy 'em!}


then lastly I am excited for a daily clean list for each day of the year with Bible verses. Now, to be completely honest it is Jan 4th & I haven't done ONE day yet, but I'm excited to dive into once I get back to "normal" as a mother of two without a pregnant belly!

Motivated Mom is like the Dave Ramsey of home cleaning!!!

Click here to see what I'm talking about
(if you are interested in trying this out don't spend your pennies I'd love to mail you a pdf for 2012!)


Sonia Johnson said...

Great ideas! I'd love to try the motivated mom stuff, when you have a moment. Can't wait to meet your new addition!

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