Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cy Greyson Houck

We had our little one last Friday on Jan 6th --which happened to be my late grandma Huhn's birthday!

Here is a little about the name...

Cy-- Contrary to what most people think Cy did not come from our love for the Cyclones. Cy's name came from the great pitcher Cy Young. Ryan had always liked the name & suggested it to me awhile back & we both fell in love with it.

Greyson-- This name came from a CD we saw from a youtube sensation. We saw it and immediately knew we wanted to use it.

If Cy would of been a GIRL the name would of been Piper Jo Houck. We don't like reusing names so we'll retire the name Piper. :-)

Cy is doing great, he is a laid back baby & Tucker is slowly adjusting to life with a little brother. Wednesday morning he asked when the baby was going home... but other than that he loves his little brother! We're still adjusting to life with two little munchkins & getting sleep in when we can. We've been blessed with so many great family/friends who have dropped off meals or thoughts of love. THANK YOU!


Lissa said...

I love the name!!! I love that it has meaning too. That makes it so special to you guys. You have a beautiful little family!

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