Friday, December 9, 2011

our little home

I love our little home on walnut, i really do.

but with the addition of another little one shortly I'm quickly

having to get really creative on where to find places for things.

This little 2 bedroom 1 bath home is about to have 2 adult, 2 children

& a home office! We've really struggled without a garage (with all Ryan's

fix it tools) 1/2 a basement with a 1/4 of it used for our home office.

No pantry, no coat closet, & no bathroom closets! For this girl who

can't stand clutter finding places for everything without feeling like the

walls are coming in is a challenge! We plan to be here for awhile (at this

point thinking 5 years--shocker for movers like us!) This week I've come to the

conclusion that the two bedrooms have to be functional, not pretty. And that is

okay, for now. Since we've moved 7 times in our marriage I've never really felt

"settled" in a home we've lived in. This is my chance. I'm actually going to be

painting my kitchen, breakfast nook & bathroom.... and I'm NOT going to be painting

them real estate beige! I have a chance to make it feel like us! I'm super

pumped about that. Anyways, thanks for "listening" to me vent, in the grand scheme

of things this is SO little because I have everything I need: a loving husband &

a happy little 2 year old & a healthy little one on the way! Thank you Lord for

many blessings you give me every. single. day!


Ashley said...

Way to stay positive about non-beige colors! I admire you guys so much in all you've accomplished in becoming debt free :)

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