Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've got a thing for wooden pallets

I have a thing for pallets, and chickens. Weird, huh?   Although this post I'll stick with the pallets.  I cannot wait for the day we buy an old farm house-- one where I can decorate how I really want my house to feel. ...like a home. 

I am so glad we have lived in our rentals (making for mortgage/rent free living) but I have a hard time really investing myself in them knowing we'll be moving the next year or more.  So...I have been looking at different blogs for inspiration for my decorating style and what I want in our home. 

I've come to the conclusion its a mix between traditional fall, vintage and a hint of rustic.  Before I actually start decorating it I'll have to narrow it down, but honestly I love them both!  One thing that I've seen a few times is decorating with pallets.  I LOVE IT.  Here are a few of my favorites I hope to mimick someday. 

(above)decorating with plates...love it

(below) decorating as a bed.  (love this idea!)

I've seen MANY more ideas as coffee tables, garden furniture, benches etc.  

Google it. 

  You might be surprised what you find. 

Anyways, thought I'd share a goofy love of mine!


Laurie said...

Yes! I've been telling my husband I want some pallets to make stuff with for the longest time. He and his family own an HVAC distributorship and have pallets all over the warehouse all the time. Maybe he'll bring me a couple damaged ones eventually! Thanks for the inspiration! Hey, come see me - I'm giving away 3 super glam Sam Moon cuff bracelets:

Ashley J Houck said...

sweet Laurie. I know there are even some books out there dedicated to this stuff! crazy :-) hope you can talk your hubby into it!

Angie said...

The best part is you can get them for free!!! I have a friend who paints and for the longest time I kept telling her she needed to start selling her signs. She never would take the plunge. So when I decided to have my first furniture sale I called her and told her "I need you to make a few signs for teh sale" She didn't have money to buy wood so I started collecting pallets for her. She pulled them apart and made some gorgeous signs!!!

Ashley J Houck said...


that is an awesome! Does she make any furniture items with them? I'd love to see her finished worked!

Ashley J Houck said...


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