Thursday, June 17, 2010


Let me introduce our roommates...

Dan (boppa) & Arlene Huhn...
(aka my grandparents)

some fun facts about 'em:

They have been married for 57 years
they have never lived more than 1/4 mile apart their entire lives
my boppa first liked my grandma's identical twin sister
if i don't cook breakfast boppa will eat 6 corn chips for breakfast (something about reminding him of his childhood)
my grandma has ice cream for dinner every night
my grandpa was a farmer and my grandma taught paino lessons
my boppa has nine lives--his angels are really watching out for him
they would do anything for their grandkids
my grandma was known for having one of the best gardens around the area
they only had two children --a boy & a girl--because it was important to him to pay their way through college (so honorable!)
to this day my grandpa prefers to mow the lawn on saturday (even if it needed it on thursday) to have his yard lookin' sharp for those sunday drivers
my grandma has Parkinson's disease--and confined to a wheelchair 98% of the time
any book or tv show my boppa reads or watches he acts like the characters are his friends in real life
they still have pillow talk every night
they are a perfect match--by nature my grandma is a worrier and my grandpa is an eternal optimist
my grandma goes to an adult day care center 4 days a week and calls is "her job" (so cute!)
my boppa can outwork any man half his age
i started calling him Boppa when i was little because i couldn't pronounce grandpa--- to this day (even though we tell him differently) he thinks we everyone calls him "papa!"
my boppa loves the pieces out of my grandma
since moving her we have dubbed them 'B & G'

For the most part moving here has been going really well.  Ryan & I were talking the other day how its weird it doesn't feel weird living here.  There have been a couple of times where its been a little stressful :my grandma will get back from the adult day care center & needing help going the bathroom, Tucker's crying cause he wants a bottle and I'm in the middle of cookin' supper------ but, for the most part its been pretty smooth transition.  
We have been busy helping them out around the house, cleaning, cooking, vaccuming, helping with my grandma when she falls, washing linens organizing the pantry, etc.  Everyday we try to tackel a small project and a bigger one on the weekends.

And, the best part they claim--Tucker! :-) 

They are two very special people!!


Anonymous said...

That is precious, Ashley. You have a way with words. Hope they can read this too!!

Anonymous said...

This is great, Ashley. You have pegged them to a tee! I'm glad the rooming together seems to be working out.

Aunt Holly


How wonderful. I am sure that your time together will be blessed.


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