Thursday, June 17, 2010


 This past weekend we had our first kid-free getaway. It was amazing!!  We did miss our little one tons, but knowing he was in great care (aka grandma-land) make it THAT MUCH SWEETER. Here is some of the highlights of the weekend...

10:00am.  Dropped our little kiddo off (with MANY hugs and kisses) and headed out!
12:00 Lunch--a cute little place in Pella called the Windmill Cafe--super good & quick service.  
12-5:30ish drove
5:30 arrived at Ryan's cousins' David & Tara's house.  They were fantastic hostesses by the way!!  We felt so spoiled by them that entire weekend. 
6:00 had our first grilled homemade pizza's!  They were so yummy!  
pictures below:
friday night we hung out on the patio and chatted and then went swimmin'...

the girls went shoppin' & got massages

  and the guys went to play golf.  

...that evening we had a birthday party for Tara (our hosts) and the boys grilled some mean bacon wrapped shrimp & bacon wrapped jalapenos.

my husband was really excited for this!! 

two of ryan's cousins

we headed out for breakfast to this adorable little mom & pops joint where they bought an old house and made it a cute little diner.  

we had a GREAT weekend ...however we were really excited to come back and see our little man!!!  
Thanks Dave & Tara!!


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