Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rookie Mom

Today I met up with two girlfriends at Brookside park to go "swimming" with our little ones ----and let me tell you did I feel like a rookie mom.  You could tell they have definitely done this before!  They had their towels, granola bars, packed lunches, juice boxes, sunscreen etc.  I have so much to learn! They were so gracious in letting me soak up their experience and  towels! :-) 

Two things I learned today:
1.)  I need to have a "summertime" bag in the van at all times.  who knows when a fun opportunity like that will happen and I want to be better prepared. 
2.)  you need good girlfriends like that to share in the challenging and joys of parenthood.

Thank you Rachel & Jessica for helping out this rookie mom!! 

Completely random fact of the day.  My hubby proposed to me at Brookside park.   


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