Friday, July 9, 2010

friday love.

For a short week it sure felt long!  
I've been a terrible blogger lately.  A couple of reasons...I helped with a bridal shower that was this week and of course I procrastinated til the last min, volleyball games, a holiday weekend,  two trips within two weeks of each other, and working on lots of misc projects here on the farm!   I hope to update my blog soon!  I have seen so many cool ideas I want to blog about and some projects here I've taken on (alot I've forgotten to take pictures of til AFTER I was done, super bummer!) 
Last night I couldn't sleep so I spent about an hour on  Super cool site, that I find completely inspiring.  if you have a spare moment sometime check it out.  
I also found my new song obsession.  :-)
if you have problems viewing, please click here


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