Monday, July 12, 2010

six years and counting

Six years with my stud muffin.
Three weeks ago was our six year wedding anniversary! Ryan &  I have been married for six years now, yikes!  Since we road tripped to Indiana (for my cousins wedding)  we had some time to reminisce about the first six years...this is what we came up with.  enjoy!  

6 Moves
4 Remodels
1,848 cans of dt.dew/mt. dew drunk
2,259 diapers changed
6 vehicles
1 Healthy, beautiful baby boy
1 moped
2 duplexes
32 nights apart

I am going to take a moment gush about my husband, who on all accounts is just the most amazing man I've even known.  He is kind, humble, smart, FUNNY, amazing at EVERY sport,  Godly and so much more.  And some way, he still puts up with me! :-)  For the life of me I can't figure out how he is still so smitten with me after all these years.  I thank God for answering my prayers for a husband like him every. single. day.    I am the luckiest girl in the world to call him my husband.  He is my best friend. 

Best Wedding Advice we received on our actual wedding day:  We loved two of them and have really put took them to heart.
1st:  Everyday give each other 100%, not just 50/50. 
2nd  Pray with each other daily.  

First Argument:  It was when we were unpacking all of our belongings I remember we had our fist big fight about which kitchen cabinet the glasses/plates would go it.  Something so silly, but for some reason we were adamant where we would put it.  It really was blending two families to become one. 

First Misunderstanding:  It was the first day back from our honeymoon and Ryan was supposed to be back from work @ 5:30.  I didn't work that day and was making this "awesome" dinner in the oven for my honey.  I was decked out ---had the table ready, apron on and pretty impressed with myself for preparing our first meal as husband and wife.  Well, 5:30 came and went, and he didn't get home til around 6:30.  Being a naive housewife I didn't think to turn down the oven, so supper was burnt, but the reason he was late was he wanted to bring flowers to me the first day he came home from work.  We ended up throwing the burnt supper away and going out for dinner! 

Nicknames: babycakes, pops, rino, sweetiepop .  Those are our current ones right now.  They are subject to change at any moment :-)

This coming Friday we are going to celebrate our anniversary by going to Des Monies and spending the night--all thanks for my siblings for the babysitting!! :-)  I think we have a little farmers market, prairie meadows & a movie planned! 


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