Saturday, July 10, 2010

grocery shopping

One of the most organized persons I know is the wonderful Mrs. Debbie Martens.  In an effort to become more efficent she generoulsly sent me her grocery store map of the North Ames Fareway store... and with her permission let me share it with all of you!  I don't know if this happens to you guys, but I get to the checkout line and I forgot one item that is at the opposite end of the store.  completely annoying esepcially when you have a little one about ready to erupt! :-) 
Enter Mrs. Debbie.
She has the list organized asile by asile.  You can copy and paste this list and tweek it to another store.   I usually shop @ Fareway & Aldi's.  So I will need to tweek it a little bit for each store, but she has made it so easy! 

I have been working at HARD at getting my recipes in a binder.  All in one place, by category.  Then, on Sunday evening I do a weekly menu---how cool would it be to have this list printed and just circle what you need and then when you get to the store circled ASILE BY ASILE as you pass them!  I am thinking this might take 30 mins every sunday night.  I found this cute {did I mention FREE} menu planner I've printed off about a dozen of... click here if you'd like the link to do the same.

Here the grand list of Mrs. Debbie is... (this is PERFECT for the Ames Fareway NORTH location--will need to tweek for downtown location or another store.) 

I hope this helped, or inspired you!  I in no way , shape or form do this every week, I fail miserably and sometimes order a pizza when my planning skills tank, but I am sure going to try and do better!  Please let me know if you have any tricks or tips on grocery shopping/saving money/or your organizational tips! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashley~ I love all your blog ideas. Miss you!!!!!!!!!

sarah beth said...

Ash-I think she may have gotten this from my mom! Ever since I can remember, she has done her Fareway list like this! Crazy! I do it as well, but it's the only way I can shop!

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