Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 Tricks to take the work out of housework!

I recently read this this article on housework from the how does she  gals.

~loved it~

She listed three trick to help with your housework...

One thought provoking idea she said was give your house an identity
 Give it a name. 

 So often we say, "when I move to a bigger house, this is only a temporary place, etc"  
I am so gulity of that. 
So after some thoughtful deliberation I wanted to name the home where we live now. 
(even though Lord willing--its temporary) 
 I named my grandparents house...

it is warm, loving and gooey in the middle. 

I was talking with a friend about this and she jokingly said ..."hmmm, can i name my house 'money pit'? "  haha.
another fun one I thought of (maybe someday) is 'leading lady' or someday I hope to have an acerage and name it  "Green Acres" 

think of the style, era, charm of your house... what does its history or future hold?

Soo....what would your house be named?!



Lisalulu said...

I love this idea, Thanks for the ideas!!

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