Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a few changes.

Look out!
we are getting real serious, about getting out of debt, completely!
about a month ago we met with a financial planner Justin Bennett, owner of Strong Tower Consulting (who also happens to be a friend of ours.)

He was exactly what we needed.  {highly recommend him btw!}

The right mix of motivation and encouragement to get our brains overtime! He went through all our financial records and took our goals and devised a plan.  

We had two options...

1.)  We could keep going like we're going and be debt free in 3.5 years.  Not too bad, BUT
{we did not like this plan for two reasons....things/expenses come up and would most likely loose our motivation}
2.) One of us find a part-time job and be debt free within 1-1.5 years. {hopefully by next Christmas}

We choose this plan #2.

As of three weeks ago I am back at Hickory Park serving 3-4 shifts a week! {roughly 15-22 hrs/wk}Since daycare was not an option we were willing to sacrifice on, this job won on so many levels.
flexible hours
 night & weekends {where Ryan can watch Tukcer}
great $$

It is amazing how God has blessed this decision SO much already!  We have been SO THANKFUL for our families helping out with Tucker from time to time as well.  WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THEM!! 

So feeling like some bbq?
Come on in ask for Hickory Park's finest server...ASHLEY JO!



monica said...

you guys are so awesome!!! chris and i have really been trying to kick our debt since we moved to iowa too...i doubt it will be in 1.5 years...but the sooner the better!!!

next time we go, we hope you are our server!!!


Ashley J Houck said...

thanks for the encouragement monica, we will need it! thats so awesome for you guys too. you ever take the dave ramsey class? can't wait to see your belly soon! :-)

monica said...

yes, we took them all as a part of our marraige thing we could have done, because i was financial clueless and chris knew everything about money. it allowed us to get on the same page.

and my belly, holy feels huge all of a sudden. i went from nothing to not being able to button my pants. yikes.


Hannah said...

Hickory Park. Mmmmm. Don't tempt this pregnant lady. :) LOVE that place...and miss it a lot! Glad to hear things are going well for you guys. Miss you!

Ashley J Houck said...

Thanks Abi! would love an update on you guys! How is Hannah? Hows Will's job? Think of you guys often!

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