Sunday, October 17, 2010

a whole lotta updates!

Just wanted to do a quick update on life right now on things we are loving, us, and our current favorites.  One day we want to look back and go, oh yeahhh we loved that show or season of life!

Living with B & G 
(or Boppa and Grandma as we've affectionaly dubbed them!) going great.  We could not have asked for a smoother transition.  Tucker loves the pieces out of Boppa and the feeling is mutual in return!  The other night Boppa had retured from being gone all day and they were both running towords each other with open arms & then hugged.  PRICELESS.  Our most asked question is does it work?  I cook, clean & do laudndry for all five of us.  We buy roughly 85% of the grocerys. Which is working out great.  Then, every once in awhile Boppa will  make dinner and I don't have to cook!!! AMAZING! One other great advantage we are loving right now is leaving to go see a movie or grab ice cream after Tucker goes to bed @ 7:00.   We leave the monitor with B & G. DATE NIGHT! Its also been nice having muscles around, also known as Ryan, to help lift grandma off the ground (which happens more often than not these days) :-(  We are loving this stage of life right now & getting LOTS paid off all due to their generousity. Couple of fun facts we've learned since living here:
Once a farmer, ALWAYS a farmer.  After each rain we always ask how much rain we got because that'll make Boppa's day.
Dancing with the starts.  Oh boy.  Boppa is obsessed :-)  We really believe he thinks he is friends with all of them.  On Monday & Tuesdays night we constantly hear..."OH WOW!"  "grandma, did you see that!?!" 
So funny.

 Last spring I joined the Story City chapter of MOPS.  It meets every other tuesday for 2 hours.  A fun time to get away with other moms, have a devotional, craft and the best part...time away for your kiddos! 

Ryan & I aren't big TV watchers so when we found one show we liked last winter we netflixed EVERY episode of NCIS.  We are what you call obsessed. :-)  Every Tuesday night like clockwork after we get back from small group you'll find us watching NCIS.  It is our little escape time

 About a month ago I deactivated my facebook account.  It was either facebook or the blog.  And, lets face it, I love bloging.  It is such a good de-stresser for me.  A visutal scrapbook & ideas and family posts.  A number of months ago I read an article if you say "yes" to one thing, then you are saying "no" to another.  When I started Hickory Park I decided it needed to go.  I didn't want to be caught checking facebook when I had 5 loads of laundry that needed to be done! :-) So, for now I made the choice to simplify life a little.

 HOLY Cow!  Is going great.  Ryan is roughly 15+ appraisals behind which is becoming very stressful, but we are completely in awe how God has built our business after starting it from scratch roughly 1.5 years ago. Go God, because it is SO because of HIM!  I've been helping drive alot (I'll drive while he works on his laptop) to get comp pictures or go to appointments.  And, tucker gets to come along as well.  Which means we still get some family time in there too.  Ryan is such a great worker for our little family!  There have been a few tears on my end of not getting much qt time with Ryan, so getting in a date night here and there {in the midst of this craziness} has been so beneficial to our marriage!

Hickory Park:
 is going great. Been working there about a month now and roughly working 15-22 hours a week.  The hardest part is not having any days off with Ryan, but we have been trying to sneak an hour or two of quality time in there! The hardest part is walking out the door.  By nature I am wired to be a full time Momma so I'll be glad when this season of life is over.  But, for now its been a HUGE blessing.  It has been awesome to have family right next door to help out with Tucker from time to time!

this fall we've had the opporunity to attend all the home football games courtsey of my Uncle & Aunt Rhoads.  (thanks aunt vickie!!) Its been alot of fun cheering on the cyclones!

Tuesday night we lead a small group @ church.  We really cherish all the friendhships we've made and the playdates as well through the weeks! We love our Tuesday nights to get refreshed and redirected to whats really important in life. 

and lastly...but not least TUCKER he is our never ending BALL of energy! It is SO fun to see him learn & grow with each month.  He loves to be outside, peek-a-boo, "catch", running after leaves and slides... and has a thing for paint brushes right now.  We love being parents to that kid!

okay, I'm going to stop there!  I just wanted a recap of all the things I've been meaning to post lately!  That is us in a nutshell right now, things are crazy busy, but we are loving this stage of life!


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