Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm really lacking blog inspiration & creativity lately so here is what I got.

a. area code: 515
b. bed size: twin.  yep, you read that right.  the hubs and I are sleeping on twin beds.  that is changing soon though!
c. chore you hate: cleaning the toilet
d. dogs name: don't have any pets.
e. essential "start of the day": a can of diet dew or strawberry crystal light.
f. favorite color: it used to be purple, but lately I've been loving turquoise
g. gold or silver: either, not picky.  too much of a tomboy to care too much. :-)
h. height: I'm short: 5'3.5 (that's right, I'm keeping that .5 on there and there's nothing you can do about it!)
i. instruments i play: piano
j. job: full time wife & mom, also part-time server
k. kids: we have one kiddo right now, but starting to get the itch to expand the family!
l. living arrangements: if you read this blog, then you know our living arrangments.
m. moms name: Marce
n. nickname:  When I was little my dad always called me "schnookie."  My husband calls me "cakes" and our little one calls me "maaaa"
p. pet peeve: feeling rushed, and overall rude people
q. quote from a movie: "as you wish"
r. righty or lefty: Right
s. siblings: 2 younger sisters, 1 brother, 1 sister-in-law & 1 brother-in-law
t. time you wake up: 6:01, but don't get out of bed til usually 6:20ish
u. underwear: I really don't know where to go with this question.
v. veggies {your favorite} carrots cooked or raw
w. ways or reasons you are late: usually Tucker. :-)
x. x- rays: Nope
y. yummy food you make: don't know if I have any favorites. i make a mean red velvet cake. :-)
z. zoo animals you like: Monkeys


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