Friday, December 3, 2010

confession time

tonight I got the pleasure of running errands ALL BY MYSELF.

I should  be baking. 

but i'm not.

I went out, enjoyed an evening all by myself...

i doddled in the store asiles

I listened to the radio really loudly.

I treated myself to a pop from the bottle, not from the fountain {big deal in the Houck household!} :-)

You see, tomorrow we have my husbands side Christmas with his extended family. bring baked goods to share.
Ryan's grandma takes great pride in baking all sorts of yummy treats.

She would be appauled if she knew I brought something from the store.
i bought a store bought angel food cake
....which I'm going to try and get away making it look like I  baked it by putting it in my cake platter.

please tell  me I'm not the only one who has done this!

hope i can pull this off!

...i love mom's night out. 

angel food cake anyone?


Autumn said...

wait, so you're telling me you PREFER it from the bottle?! crazy! we LOVE fountain pop better than canned or bottled!

also, thanks for the hallmark tip. i got two little adorable bird figures that were 50% off so they only cost me a dollar with the coupon!

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