Tuesday, January 11, 2011

16 months old!

in honor of Tucker being 16 months we thought we'd offer up 16 random facts about him/our family:

1.  he is an Extrovert to the maxHe loves being around people!

2. In light of #1, Target is his favorite place to be...he loves to people watch. 

3.  He is loves anything with brushes, paint brushes, tooth brushes, brooms, hair brushes ...you name it!

4.  He loves to say the word "Boppa"  which is what we call my grandpa.  Except, he says it in this dark low voice.

5.  He is in constant motion, really constant.   He does not want to miss a thing.  I am convinced this is why he was a horrible nurser. 

6.  One of the cutest things he does is "the pat"  He comes over and just pats you a couple of times then smiles...as if to say I'm glad you're here.  {this breaks my heart everytime, he usually does after i've been at work}

7.  we are quickly reaalizing we need some good book reccomendations for discipling behavior!  I'm already dreading the "terrible twos!" :-)

8.  when he gets the remote he think he is top dog

9.  he LOVES to pull the bookmark out of every.single. book. Boppa reads.  {we get a huge kick out of this one!}

10.  he still is sleeping from 7-7 each night with still TWO naps!  {Again, I could go on and on about babywise, but I'll refrain!} :-) We have more pictures of him sleeping than anything else. 

11.  he loves to be a little helper. 

12.  he loves music. period.  anything, anytime.  he is starting to clap along to some songs as well, which is always fun.

13.  my husband affectionally refers to himself as a "housedaddy"  when I'm at work while he cares for Tucker.

14.  tucker already has a few nicknames... T-man and Tuck-a-muck is sticking around.

15.  he is his fathers child, he loves to figure out how things work

16.  we affectionally refer to his belly as the 'thunderdome'  named by his uncle Riley.


Hannah said...

Hey Ashley-
I can't believe Tucker is 16 mo old already! So big! Hope you guys are doing well. We are doing well--adjusting to life as a fam of 4! :) I think I'm gonna have Isaac call Tucker one of these days and get a few lessons on good sleep habits. :) Anyways...I've also been a bit behind (due to the above mentioned baby), but just looked at your video of you singing at x-mas. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you had such a beautiful voice! You guys did a great job! Tell Ryan hi for us, too! Love you guys! ---Abi

Ashley Houck said...


Thanks for the sweet words. I will say T-man didn't always have a great sleeping habits! I was at my wits end at about the 7 week mark & read the book. Started it at the middle of the 7th week and by week 11 he was sleeping from 10-5. I remember thinking that was the most beautiful thing ever! :-) Hang in there. Love & miss you guys!

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