Friday, January 14, 2011

How to sell a car on craigslist

we sold our little pickup truck. 

 we did it for a number of reasons:
1.)  couldn't put a carseat in the backseat
2.) poor gas milage
3.) we are selling everything we can get our hands on to become debt free.

we hope to get another one someday soon (and pay with good 'ole cash!) but we sold our truck within 36 hours! Is that not God blessing this decision or what!?

here are a few tips that worked for us.

1.)  pray about it, even before you list the car.  We prayed that this car would bless someone else, that selling this car would be honoring to God. (I can't stress this one enough)

2.)  Clean it up.  Get out the old shop vac & clean that little puppy up so it shines inside & out.  My husband & I did this together and it took about 2 hours. 

3.) Take alot of pictures.  Take a bunch of pictures.  Lots of angels & lots of different positions.  People like pictures, the more the better. 

4.) Set a fair price.  We did not want to sit around with this truck for a long time.  Once we felt good about selling it, we wanted it gone.  Kelly Blue book suggested this truck go for 3,500 - 4,500.  We went for the lowest number & put 'er on good old Craigslist.

5.) List the good and the bad.  This one is key.  You do not want to waste your time & potential buyers if you do not list the cars weaknesses.  For our specific truck we had two weaknesses.  (rust & the air conditioner did not work)  we weeded out alot of non-serious people right there!

6. Contact info & Payment: Make sure to give them your cell & what type of payment method you'd accept.  In this era of bad check writing etc we opted for a fool proof method: CASH, it speaks!  Make sure you know your bottom dollar you'd accept and keep to it.  For example we listed our truck for 3,500 and knew of bottom dollar was 3,200.  We ended up selling it for $3,300 dollars, $100 dollars MORE than we bought it for two years ago! 

Here was our ad. 

1997 Dodge Dakota Sport 4X4

We are selling our 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport. (4 X 4) Little under 126,000 miles. We absolutely LOVE this truck, however we are trying to become debt free so this little beauty has to go! We have owned this truck a little over two years and have never had trouble with it. Mechanically sound & very reliable. We love having the 4 X 4 in the winter as well. (has come in handy a lot!) Very well taken care of and maintained with regular oil changes.

Recently Had done:

New front breaks

New Water Pump

Newer Battery

(1) new wheel barring

New Plugs & Wires

Changed transmission fluid about 15,000 miles ago


Great Tires

Very Reliable

4 Wheel Drive works great

Never left us stranded

Great Heater

Bucket Seats

Club Cab

CD Player

V8 5.2 Liter Engine

Automatic Transmission

Bed Liner

Towing hitch


Air Conditioner --we are not mechanically gifted people & never looked into getting this fixed. Not sure what the problem is. Could be simple fix, don’t really know.

A few rust spots

We believe in full disclosure. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Kelly Blue Book had this truck listed from $3,500 (fair condition) --- $4,500 (great condition)

Serious interested parties.

No low balls please.

$3,500 Cash only please

Call/Text Ryan



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