Saturday, February 18, 2012

boys will be boys

in our duplex, on the other side live three boys.  they have been great tenants.  We have two funny stories we'll want to remember.

You had a baby??
Feb 1st our doorbell rang and one of the boys came over to pay Feb. rent.  I answered the door with Cy in my arms & he looks at me down at Cy completely bedazzled.   His face said it all ... "where the heck did that little guy come from!?!"  Ryan & I got a GOOD laugh out of this because they have lived next to us for the last nine months & must not of seen my belly expanding! :-) 

Wellness Check:
When Cy was about two weeks old & sleeping for all of us was at a prime (still is, but that is another post :-)) at about 3:00 A.M. in the morning we heard LOUD pounding on the door next door.  (to the boys' place)  it kept going & going. So Ryan headed down to see if one of the boys had been locked out.  He opened the door to find two police officers.  He said they were doing a wellness check for our one tenant Rob.  Ryan lets the officers in, they look around & don't find Rob & they left.  The next morning Rob comes home & we told him that alot of people were looking for him.  He said that he had drank too much & texted his dad (who lived 2 hours away) he had  MEANT to text 'help, I need a ride'  instead he was just able to write  'help' then passed out.  his parents of course freaked out (as they should have) & tried calling him & couldn't get ahold of him & then called the police officers.  ahhh the joys of living next to college students! :-)


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