Saturday, February 25, 2012

my 3 baby must haves!

We are borrowing this type of chair from Ryan's grandparents while they are in Arizona for the winter & I LOVE IT!  We didn't use a chair like this with Tucker & I regret not doing so.  We keep it in our bedroom & is so helpful for the middle of the night feedings.   I set Cy on the ottoman part & change him, quick & easy! love it!

to keep me occupied during feedings I've been using our online netflix account & watching the TV show Frasier to keep me occupied. I AM LOVING IT.  I literally crack up, laugh out loud uncontrollabley sometimes!  I've even woke up Ryan a few times in the middle of the night by my laughter. :-)  I get a KICK out of that show.

I think they say your sense of smell is your strongest sense with memory.  So, we used this little trick with Tucker & now with Cy but after his bathtime we lather him up with this Johnson & Johnson bedtime lotion.  Who knows if its helping, but we'd like to think so! :-)  I feel like the last week we've made big improvements with his sleeping stretches...Thursday night he slept for 7 straight hrs & Friday night he slept for 6 straight hrs.  YAHOO!  It is my prayer nightly that this continues!


Anonymous said...

Ugh! Last night was not a good night with Cy. :-(

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