Monday, February 27, 2012

Diapers online @

I have become a BIG believer to buying diapers online, more specially :
I love their Up & Up diapers. 
When T-man was a baby I did the typical first time parents thing & tested out all the different types of diapers: huggies, pampers, luvs etc.  For one reason or another they didn't suit our needs (mostly because T-man would pee them all out) & then I tried Up & Up diapers (targets brand) & feel in love with them!  And...the plus side?  They are always cheaper than the name brand diapers & I don't have to worry about having coupons to get 'em!  Then came Cy & getting out with the two boys at first felt completely overwhelming (still is sometimes!) and I discovered delivers FREE SHIPPING {as in TO your front door!} of their diapers with any order over $50.00! Not hard to do with TWO kiddos in diapers (I plan to tackle potty training tucker this late spring/early summer when I 'm getting more sleep!)  and...if you go through you get an ADDITIONAL 3% off your total order.  AND if your order the diapers & they outgrow them you can return  & exchange them at your target store.  pretty cool, huh?  Now I could be saving all sorts of money if I did cloth & I have SO MUCH respect for those that do but if you're like me & not cut out for 'em, give this a shot! 


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