Saturday, February 18, 2012

STTN week 6

(sorry for the poor quality of picture.  this was taken from my camera phone & it has one too many scratches on the case!)

Cy turn 6 weeks yesterday! The first of many milestones.  This past week has started smiling & cooing...which is totally make us fall head over heels more in love with him!  He is starting to sleep a little better (thankfully!) & we've even dropped a middle of the night feeding already!  I think this next week I'm going to try & spread out his feedings from 3 hrs to 3hrs 15 mins.  His nighttime routine is as follows:

6:45 pm  bathtime
7:00 pm 5 ounces in a quiet, light darkened room. get him swaddled up before feeding him.  burp him then set him down to sleep in his crib.  with the sound machine on.  he'll sleep til 10:00 pm
10:00pm  wake him up for his dreamfeed.  5 ounces with a pinch of rice cereal. don't change diaper & leave lights low.  put down to sleep immedately after.

*he is sleeping in his crib for most of the night!  after he wakes up sometime after 5:45ish we'll bring him back into our bedroom where the pack & play is  so he doesn't wake up Tucker

he usually wakes up 1:30-3:30 for a feeding.  he's been gulping down his feeding & heads right to sleep.  he usually wakes up around 5:45-7:00.

makes it to three hours between feedings like a champ
Falls back asleep after his middle of the night feeding (story at that later)
does well at resturants

starting to not like his carseat
still working on self soothing himself to sleep during the day
still working on a routine & not going to sleep without sleeping props (such as swing or bouncy seat)
the boys sharing a room has been more challenging then we thought, but we're figuring it out.  
This week we're going to work on:
going from 3 hr. between feedings to 3 hrs 15 mins.
working on the Cry it out Method for naptimes
sleeping in his crib for most naps.
work on identifying sleep cues (he has started yawning this week, so that helps!)

that's whats been happening in our little world!  :-)


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