Saturday, March 3, 2012

tips n' tricks

Ames Tribune! I feel like I took a huge step into adulthood {as if we're not there already with two kiddos!} but i ordered the paper!  A sign we're getting older :-)  It costs $120.00 for a year & I'm making it a challenge to myself that I make that back in the coupons i'll get from it.  So, I'll keep you posted!   I have a spreadsheet ready & everything...I know, I'm a dork!
 Phone Trick:  this one is for my sister Haley who says my blog has become a mommy blog! :-)  Ryan actually shared this one.  But, when I listen to my Pandora on my phone if I put it in an empty bowl (like a cereal bowl)  it sounds SO MUCH FULLER!  It really makes a difference.  Someday I'll get a docking station, but until then this will work just fine!

 Shelf:  This spring I am soooo making this.  I have fallen in love with it, simple, rustic & just my style!
Sippy cups:  for all you moms out there you KNOW what I'm talking about finding the perfect sippy cups.  Ones that don't spill ...its nearly impossible.   Well, I finally found some that we LOVE!  They are Nalgene sippy cups!  I had NO idea they sold these but I found 'em on Amazon for 7.50/each and got free shipping with my membership to Amazon Prime {love this btw, I'll have a whole post devoted this! }

My funny husband:  Ryan started this segment called,  "the faces of Cy" with funny captions.  This one was my favorite..."You want to take my temperature WHERE?"


Sonia Johnson said...

Love that face - so cute!

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