Monday, March 19, 2012

Google Sky App {free app!}

This past weekend we headed to Cedar Rapids to visit my sister Carly.
 She has the cutest little patio outside her living room we all went out on after the kiddos were in bed. 
 It was a very clear night & Ryan stumbled upon a free app from google called, google sky.  
It was absolutely fascinating!  
He just held his phone up to the sky & had the phone's screen pointed tword us & you could see all these things!  It was so neat! 
 I'm not much for astronomy but found this absolutely cool.
  A cool fact I learned this weekend via google...did you know planets don't twinkle like stars?  
So we could see Venus & Jupiter with our naked eye & know it was them because of that fact. 
{Andrew, thought you would like this post & our interest in your hobby!} :-)


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