Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cy's 2 months old!

Our little one is 2 months old!
I'm going to be honest & say the last 2 months have been a complete blur, but completely wonderful as well!  

Here are some random Cy observations:
he loves to be swaddled when he sleeps
he loves his swing & bouncy seat!
he is really starting to Smile & Coo a lot now 
He slept threw the night @ JUST at 8 weeks (two weeks sooner than his older brother!--I just PRAY it continues!)
He falls asleep & stay asleep in his car seat when we go places ( after T-man I had NO idea babies did this!)
he loves to watch his older brother
He is very laid back
He is a Momma's boy {just like his brother!} --gotta say I don't mind that...most of the time ;-)
Not a fan of tummy time
in size 1 diapers {almost ready to bump him up to 2!)
Getting to be more predictable in his nap cycles (which makes it easier to get chores done around the house!
He loves interacting with people.  My favorite time is when T-man is down for a nap & its just me and him for awhile.  I still want to make sure he gets some good 1 on 1 time with his Momma :-)
Very tough to get a burp out of him! 
Doesn't spit up all that much.
He is such a JOY & so blessed to have him!


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