Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how to make chalkmugs and etc.

a few weeks ago I tested out chalkboard paint.  i gotta tell you, i love the stuff.  i bought 5 frames @ a garage sale last weekend for 1.00 and they are just itchin' to become chalkboards! :-)  

chalkboard mugs!
 **I must tell you this was my first time experimenting with chalkboard paint, so it didn't turn out as perfect as i would of liked, but i learned ALOT.  but there is always the a first for everything, right?! :-) ** camera is dying so please excuse the cruddy pictures!

My Latest project, which was inspired from fireflies and jellybeans  {here} i think these would be perfect for:
gifts favors
fun sayings around the house
just because gifts
or teacher gifts with little goodies! 
or just for little saying around the kitchen!   

Mugs (got mine at Dollar General in Ankeny for $1.00)
Painter's tape
Sand paper (Optional)  **(wish i wouldn't of skipped this step)
Primer **(wished i wouldn't of skipped this step) ---I am too impatient at times! :-(
Chalkboard paint (you can get this at most hardware, or craft stores)

1. tape off the mug where you want the chalk to be painted
2.) sand lightly
3.) prime area
 (again, i skipped those steps and wish i haden't_)
 let primer dry according to directions.  Spray paint according to directions on can.  let dry.

Rub some chalk all over the area you painted and wipe off to set the chalkboard paint up.

i filled mine with jellybeans & gave it to a friend on her birthday.  super easy & not too expensive!

Easter Rewind:
We had a great Easter weekend.  We were able to get in both sides of the family ---which was nice.  Saturday night we attended Cornerstone's church Easter drama---boy, they never disappoint.  They always amaze us!  We ended up having a sibling sleep over at our house ...which is always fun! Here are my siblings and myself at my little brothers play a few weeks ago.  Don't know why, but we didn't get Ryan in that one!  

Sunday morning I tried a new recipe from Pioneer Woman's website--her monkey rolls.  And, like always she did not disappoint!  click here for this stinkin easy but AMAZING recipe!

Sunday we attended our home church then headed to the Rhoads Easter for lunch.  My Uncle Paul & Aunt Vickie did a GREAT job serving everyone!  My husband was really excited when over a dozen football players showed up too! :-)  on the way home he was telling Tucker how excited he is for football already! :-)   so cute.  

Sunday afternoon we headed to Radcliffe to Ryan's family & had a great time there as well.  His grandparents were back from Arizona and REALLY excited to see Tucker. :-)  My mother in law cooked another amazing meal!  Here is our little guy on his first Easter!  

Hope you got to enjoy this beautiful day! 

What projects have YOU been working on lately?  love to see/get new ideas!


Brit @ Esbe Chic said...

These mugs are cute...I want to try it, but I wish you didn't have to mask off the whole mug...hmmmm

You've got some fun ideas :)

I am trying to be crafty, come visit me at


monica said...

love the chalkboard paint!!!!! when we have a kiddo....i want to incorporate chalkboard paint somewhere!!!!!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

That is a cute idea! Those Pioneer Woman Monkey bread/rolls look delicious too!

Thanks again for linking up to Make it Yours Day! Have a great weekend!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

This is such a great idea, would be a wonderful teacher gift. Thanks so much for linking up!

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