Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Have you ever heard of wordle?  that mades two of us! :-)  I found this super cool website (at least I think so!) that can take words, your blog address and just about anything and turn them into words of art!  You can change the color, the size, pretty much anything to personalize it to YOUR taste!  How cool is that!?This would be cool to put in your favorite verse, write happy birthday alot of different ways, or just playing with your last name!  Click here to create your own personal wordle!  Here are a few of the ones i made using my blog address.

{Click on the pictures to see them full size}

  Wordle: wordle 3

 Wordle: Untitled

Wordle: Untitled


jo_annie said...

that is so cool! thanks for visiting my site!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. If you are typing in your own words I would suggest to copy & paste them a lot so there are more words to use. I stumbled on your site from TipJunkie. I love it!


crush. blog said...


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