Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Window Display & VEISHEA.

Have you ever seen something and thought "i. must. copy. that?!" This will be a must in our home someday.   I don't like the colors she choose for it, but something SUPER easy to copy! Check out here to find out how this is made and other great ideas:


my hubby & I are college sweethearts and alumni from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  We love it here for a number of different reasons.  One of those reasons is VEISHEA. 

VEISHEA is an annual celebration held at Iowa State each spring, and one of its oldest traditions. It serves as a showcase and display of the Iowa State community with a wide variety of educational and entertainment events. It stands for: 
Veterinary Medicine
Industrial Science
Home Economics
    We took FULL advantage of the nice weather and attended a few events through the week.  
    1. BBQ'd on central Campus--we took Tucker out two times last week and ate on central campus.  it was so much FUN being back on campus.  Tuesday we met up with my mom for lunch then Thursday we met up with my sister (who happens to graduate in two weeks!)  
    the picture below of central campus for the bbq's
     2.  parade...who could forget the parade.  it was a BEAUTIFUL Day so we took our little guy out and spent the day on campus.  After the parade we walked around central campus got a free dirt cup from the ag tent, saw some friends, ate our picinic lunch on the lawn, and attended the petting zoo!  it was one of those perfect family days. overall it was a GREAT weekend!  

    3. Small Group Reunion:  Friday night we were able to get together with out first small group.  It was SO good to see everyone.  We all met & started meeting together regularly roughly five years ago.  We were all newlyweds anxiously wanting to start our families.  We were so blessed to start our married years together.  On our way home from the evening we both commented how we were able to jump right back into conversations with everyone like it was yesterday.  


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